Code Academy

Online Coding & CS Classes for Kids and Teens

Our Coding Bootcamp delivers the most fun and effective live, online coding and computer science classes for kids and teens ages 8-18. Our classes are designed to give kids the programming and computer knowledge, skill, and confidence to thrive in a digital world.

High quality and experienced teachers

Recorded live classes

homefun help

hands on learning

structured comprehensive curriculum

Downlodable Textbooks & softwares for lectures

complimentary one on one assistance



Each Course Last 3 months, Including Projects. 

Beginner to Advance

Assessments and Practical Coding  

Introduction to Coding and Programing

Intermediate Computer Coding and communications

Advance to Computer science, Coding and communications

Extensive Support Beyond The Class Room

Part of our commitment to student is what we do beyond the class room. our services include homefun help, direct-message with teachers, live 1-on-1 support. All this benefits without additional cost. Our program comes with everything your child needs to be successful in learning to code.

Pro-level Programming Tools for Kids

We equip students with a custom-built code editor. it's a professional-level tool that is user-friendly for kids. Our program is refined for teaching. Therefore, your child builds working apps in a pro-level development environment.

World Class Curriculum

Students Progress through the Bootcamp levels in our structured, comprehensive coding and computer science curriculum. They Follow progressive path in age-appropriate programs for junior and senior students following our Introdutory, Intermediate and advance course. We use hands on project in our coding classes for kids. In addition, we teach today's in-demand coding skills in languages like Python and JavaScript.

Requirements for Enrolling

1. Personal Computer

Students are required to have a Computer to take classes, the can be a Desktop or Laptop Computer.

2. Keen Interest in Computer Science

Students must show keen interest and willingness to learn the art of Coding and computer science.

3. Reliable Internet Connection

Students are required to have uninterrupted data connection. In the digital landscape, the internet is the backbone for the Global village, like the air we breathe and as the saying goes; data is oxygen.

A Course Program is N40,000 Only. (Course Software's, Textbooks and Learning Materials Inclusive, which will be issued upon admission and during course work)